Reformed 3

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A publication featuring work by students in “Newly Formed”—an advanced graphic design course at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Reformed 3 spotlights a selection of new compositions produced for Newly Formed, a course which focuses on experimental form-making and image-making using iterative and generative approaches. The publication includes posters, typography, and treated and manipulated images, as well as a short text about the publication.

The central section features fourteen portraits: each design student in the class wearing a mask they created or invented. Hiding in plain sight, behind and within their work, these images can serve as a metaphor for the relationship between a designer and their work: designers are always part of the designs they create, however modulated their presence may be.

Featuring work by Noah Beckwith, Olivia de Salve Villediu, Helen Gao, Joel Kern, Mei Lenehan, Eunice Li, Jenny Li, Izzi Mordini, Jinhwa Oh, Marie Otsuka, Jay Park, Yeon Ryoo, Kendra Xu, and Can Yang.

First edition, 2018

32 pages, full color, 8.5 × 11 inches

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