• Nichons-nous dans l'Internet #9

Nichons-nous dans l'Internet #9

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Nichons-nous dans l'Internet (which can be translated as "Abreast of the Internet") is a bilingual printed magazine about the Internet.

Each issue utilizes interviews, photo essays, and illustrations to shine a spotlight on the strange and complex intricacies of the world wide web.

In the ninth issue, topics include: sold DNA, Silicon Valley pollution, automated Franglais, swiping, and the works of Holy Pilot and Félix Decombat.

Cover picture by Julian Song

Art direction by Énora Denis and Gwendolyne Röttger

Published by Matière Primaire éditions, 2019

Softcover, 130 pages, full color, 9 × 10.75 inches

ISSN: 2272-012X

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