• WhiteSpace April Greiman Photography

WhiteSpace April Greiman Photography

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A collection of 33 digital photographs by American graphic designer April Greiman. The images of landscapes and objects in the built environment are enhanced by curious digital icons and juxtaposed with vertical typographic texts, both autobiographical and philosophical. 

Initially captured while driving or walking through remote spaces, these images represent Greiman's ongoing vision of color and lightness. The interleaved texts present the musing of 25 women on the subject of whitespace, becoming a rhythmic meditation on emptiness, openness, beauty, and fear from a multitude of provocative perceptions.

April’s friendships with women, like her images, are part of her spectrum of light, nurtured over decades, simmered to perfection.

Collaborators for this volume include Lita Albuquerque, Frances Anderton, Jan Angevine, Marian Bantjes, Lyn Bradford, Judith Cahen-Crouwel, Donatella Cusmá, Andrea Dietz, Tibbie Dunbar, Kristin Feireiss, Karin Fong, Corolien Glazenburg, Nikkis Gonnissen, Jia Yi Gu, Karin Hibma, Gere Kavanaugh, Suzanne Lacy, Anette Lenz, Laurie Haycock Makela, Ilaria Mazzoleni, Jennifer Morla, Kali Nikitas, Louise Paradis, Paulette Singley, and Elisabeth Workman. The contributors come from different spaces: designers, architects, artists, a poet, a museum curator and former director.

Concept, design, photography and writing by April Greiman
Design schematic: Laurie Haycock Makela

Published by April Greiman, 2021

Softcover with flaps, 118 pages, full color, 5 × 8.25 inches

ISBN: 978-0-57-887250-6

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