• The Art of Computer Designing / Osamu Sato

The Art of Computer Designing / Osamu Sato

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Think of the computer as a magic box, with many graphic images hidden inside it. This book is positioned as a starter guide to calling forth these images, creating figures with basic shapes such as lines, arcs, squares, and circles.  

This is an everyday guide to computer illustrating, a collection of design inspiration, and a compendium of Osamu Sato's own computer artworks and screen-based design. 

Originally published in 1993, this new 2020 edition of The Art of Computer Designing: A Black and White Approach has been supplemented with a new introduction and cover by Sato, and a fresh translation of the Japanese text by Kensuke Hidaka.

Includes trademarks, pictograms, typography, and posters.

Published by Colpa Press, 2020
Printed in a limited edition of 200 copies

A reprint of the original 1993 edition

Bilingual, in English and Japanese

Softcover, 130 pages, b&w, 7.25 × 10 inches

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