Uta Eisenreich - As If


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This book of photographs is the sequel to 2010's A NOT B: quotidian items are again staged and captured through the camera's unblinking eye. Yet the images are no longer set in the innocent atmosphere of the preschool years, when the world is read through analogies, but catapulted into a darker space of representation at the cusp of adolescence, against the backdrop of a hyper-commercialized world.

The compositions create a distinctive play with logic, language, and meaning. Objects transform from their humble selves into abstract shapes discharged of meaning, or alternately into advertisements for themselves, charged with desire or bad omens of an ominous future.

Designed by Julia Born

Published by Roma Publications

Softcover, 156 pages, full color, 8.5 × 11.25 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-281196-7

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