• Swatch Book / Tricia Treacy

Swatch Book / Tricia Treacy

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In 2017, American designer Tricia Treacy—a Rome Prize Fellow in Design at the American Academy in Rome—proposed a printed matter setup that investigated the relationship between art, design, and collaborative writing.

Various voices contributed to a cross writing format, creating an interdisciplinary and international exchange — these efforts produced in Treacy’s work a series of publications and artist prints animated by narration, superimposition, comparative research, and open dialogue.

Swatch Book is an index for this project, known as SLOT. It contains all visual and written narratives that were contributed for Treacy's fellowship project in Rome.

Images contain (but are not limited to): excerpts from a new musical score, hand-drawn patterns, photographs taken in Rome, sketchbook iterations, and drawing experiments on a vinyl cutter. Audio recordings from various events and conversations at the American Academy have been translated into rich text format and used as images—concealing the content in privacy mode.

Contributors include Chiara Barzini, Sanford Biggers, Alessandro Cicoria, Brandon Clifford, Elizabeth Cowan, Abigail DeVille, Alessandro Di Pietro, Allen Frame, Ashley Fure, Aroussiak Gabrielian, Valeria Giampietro, Sean Gullette, T. Geronimo Johnson, Joanna Klink, Antonella Lattanzi, Johanna Lobdell, Kevin Moch, Matteo Nucci, and Arnisa Zeqo.

Each Swatch Book volume comes wrapped in a unique and colorful Risograph print. 

Printed in a limited edition of 150 copies

142 pages, Risograph and digitally printed on IBO paper from IGEPA, 5.25 × 8.5 inches

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