• Situated Between, Vol. 1
  • Situated Between, Vol. 1

Situated Between, Vol. 1

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For over ten years, designers have gathered on a small island in Maine to explore timely and critical topics identified by a smaller group of participants known as "the framers." This annual gathering by the group known as DesignInquiry emerged from a community of engaged graphic designers but has traditionally sought to be interdisciplinary, inviting participants with a range of creative and intellectual pursuits. Each annual edition takes place with rotating slate of framers and participants; the summer meetings, which have occurred on-island and off-, are intended to prompt discussion, thinking, and making in response to a provocative theme, and often (always?) find their results brought together in printed form.

In 2018, DesignInquiry invited thinkers and makers from all disciplines to live and work in a REWRITE residency at one or both sites selected for 2018 (Vinalhaven, Maine or Devon, England). Applicants were invited to propose projects that could be advanced during a one-week period. Possible projects included revisiting work that was previously shelved; collaborative projects that could benefit from an exchange; previous DesignInquiry projects that could be further developed or taken in a new direction.

This publication is an outcome from the Devon residency and includes the text, "Situated between Humans and Non-Humans," by Peter Hall.
Contributors include Krishna Balakrishnan, Nathan Davis, Sarah Elawad, Victoria Grimwood, Peter Hall, Margo Halverson, Stuart Henley, Bethany Johns, Lana Le, Arzu Ozkal, Rebecca Ross, Gail Swanlund, Tricia Treacy, Luke Waller, and Mark Zurolo

Curated, designed and printed by Arzu Ozkal and Tricia Treacy

Published by DesignInquiry, 2018
Printed in a limited edition of 100 copies

Softcover, [36 pages], hand-sewn binding, Risograph and digitally printed, 5.75 × 15 inches

Looking makes making better.