• Shelf Documents - Art Library As Practice

Shelf Documents - Art Library As Practice

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Artists, writers, curators, teachers, and librarians reflect on how they can use art libraries as a source of inspiration, a generative resource, or a field of action for anyone who identifies as a woman, queer, non-binary, as Indigenous, as Black, or as a person of color. In thinking about diversity in collections, the publication proposes art libraries as sites of inter-subjective communion. The volume explores how art libraries be used to amplify voices, address gaps of knowledge, and address the needs of the overlooked and self-initiated.

With drawings by Heide Hinrichs

Designed by Sara de Bondt, with assistance from Sarah Horn

Edited by Heide Hinrichs, Jo-ey Tan, Elizabeth Haines

Published by the Royal Academy Fine Arts Antwerp
Printed in a limited edition of 600 copies

Softcover, 268 pages, color and b&w images, 4 × 7 inches

ISBN: 978-3-94-221438-4

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