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A collection of six artworks produced by Korean artist Kim Heecheon between 2015 and 2017.

Trained in architecture, Kim works primarily with the moving image, creating video works that often employ digital technologies (VR, face swapping) and multiple narratives. Kim's works demonstrate a shift in the experience and perception of real space and time, brought about with the expansion of digital interfaces such as the internet and smartphones.

With writing by Yung Bin Kwak, Yunkyoung Kim, Ji-hyun Park, Minkee Bae, Wonhwa Yoon, Jidon Jung

Edited and designed by Jieun Yang

Published by Press Room, 2017
Printed in a limited edition of 400 copies
Bilingual, text in Korean and English

Softcover, 304 pages, b&w and full color, 5.25 × 7.15 inches

ISBN: 979-1-19-595122-2

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