• Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating

Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating

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In recent years, graphic designers have become increasingly interested and engaged in the exhibition context as a space of production, mediation and dissemination. In June 2012, the international conference “Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating” brought together a number of graphic designers, curators and critics engaged in exhibition-making and curating. The proceedings feature contributions by Brave New Alps, Charlotte Cheetham (Manystuff.org), Mieke Gerritzen (Museum of the Image, Breda), Lungomare/Lupo&Burtscher, Prem Krishnamurthy (Project Projects), and Jon Sueda, as well as extracts from the discussions that followed each panel.

Designed by Martin Kerschbaumer

Published by Bozen Bolzano University Press

Printed by Friends Make Books

Softcover, 160 pages, Risograph, 6.75 × 9.5 inches

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