• Entreprecariat: Everyone Is an Entrepreneur. Nobody Is Safe.

Entreprecariat: Everyone Is an Entrepreneur. Nobody Is Safe.

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By Silvio Lorusso

Mocking self-entrepreneurship and exploring the miseries of precarity ("the state of having insecure employment or income"), this biting new book identifies the aesthetics of productive anxiety.

In this pocket-sized paperback volume, Italian writer and conceptual artist Silvio Lorusso guides us through this era of the “entreprecariat,” or the relationship between entrepreneurship and precarity.

The precariat class consists of those whose working lives are comprised of disjointed bits, lacking financial or professional stability. In our entreprecarious society, everyone is an entrepreneur and nobody is stable.

Through analyses of memes, photographs and advertisements, Lorusso explores tensions surrounding labor, productivity, autonomy and failure while dissecting the media objects that encourage a precarious lifestyle.

Precarious economic conditions demand an entrepreneurial attitude, while entrepreneurialism breeds instability and change; thus, entreprecarity is characterized by a cognitive dissonance.

Lorusso weaponizes irony and sarcasm in order to shift our collective understanding of work ethic, labor, leisure, production and competition.

With a foreword by Geert Lovink, and an afterword by Raffaele Alberto Ventura.

Designed by Federico Antonini and Alessio D’Ellena (Superness.info)

Published by Onomatopee Projects, 2019

Softcover, 260 pages, 68 color and 5 b&w images, 4.25 × 6.75 inches

ISBN: 978-9-49-314816-1

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