• catherine griffiths: SOLO IN [ ] SPACE (a documentation)

catherine griffiths: SOLO IN [ ] SPACE (a documentation)

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A documentation of catherine griffiths : SOLO IN [ ] SPACE, a survey of selected works exhibited at The Space Gallery, Shanghai, in 2019.

Curated and organized by Duan Zhihua (with curatorial team, Li Haoyuan, Jennifer Liu, Wang Weiying, Kelly Zheng, Quan Wenyue, Wang Yifei, Zheng Ran and The Space Gallery team), this book—produced once the exhibition closed—is:

"an 'installation on an installation on an installation.' Works made over time and spaces are reconfigured, re-contextualized, and made responsive. The volume becomes a marker, a fragment from an evolving series of works, large and small, that span wide, shoot off tangents, make sense on examination, where dots join and and a typographic thread weaves—nothing comes from a vacuum—a mapping out. This marker is first indicated through a window installation of white lines and circles: gestural, expressive, and with intent.

What appears abstract outside on The Space Gallery window is revealed inside, pinned to the wall, an unfolded 4 meter long drawing, So far: a map of projects, a drawing (2016). This mapping out of projects traces the interrelationships of common language (sound and graphic), spatial shift (public/private), and atmosphere (calm to chaotic), found across more than a decade of these conceptions.” —catherine griffiths, artist statement

Includes five short essays—poetic, meditative, observational—by Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy), Liza Enebeis (Netherlands), Masayoshi Kodaira (Japan), Anastasia Genkina (Russia) and Scarlett Xin Meng (China).

Additional texts include Gregory O’Brien’s "Body, Mind, Somehow: The Text Art of Catherine Griffiths" for Art New Zealand’s 150th issue (2014), and a review of AEIOU, a typo/sound installation (2009) by curator, writer and researcher Dr. Mercedes Vicente. These written pieces give clues and insights into what simply cannot be gathered in one space, this moment in time.

Edited by Zhihua Duan, Catherine Griffiths

Designed by Catherine Griffiths, Zhihua Duan, and Yifei Wang

Published by Pocca, 2021
Bilingual, in Chinese and English

Softcover with poster wrap, 220 pages, full color, 7.5 × 10.25 inches

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