• Bricks From The Kiln #1

Bricks From The Kiln #1

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Originally conceived as a publication produced a signature at a time, as and when money became available, Bricks from the Kiln follows in the tradition of Typographica, Icteric, Dot Dot Dot, Situationist Times, and Theo Crosby's Uppercase, exploring the the field of visual communication and striking a balance between historical research and current projects, art and graphic design.

This inaugural issue of Bricks from the Kiln brings together an array of chapters lifted from forthcoming books, as well as unrecorded talks, autonomous unpublished works, and investigations begun but forced aside. The Situationists loom large, as does the peripheral and the overlooked; the contents pull together photography, poetry, transcripts, essays, and diary jottings, allowing connections to develop organically, each piece a part of a larger structure.

With contributions from Ron Hunt, Natalie Ferris, Ralph Rumney, James Langdon, Mark Owens, Jamie Sutcliffe, Iain Sinclair, Traven T. Croves, Parallel School, Catherine Guiral, Max Harvey, He Pianpian & Li You. With an aside/afterword by Lister and Stuart.

Edited by Andrew Lister & Matthew Stuart

Designed by Traven T. Croves

Published by BFTK

Softcover, 138 pages, 6.75 × 8.75 inches

ISSN 2397-0227 

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