Yearbook of Type 2021 / 22


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More people than ever appear to understand the importance of typography, that the choice of a typeface and the design of a text can dramatically impact its meaning. Typefaces don't need words to convey a message. Graphic designers have a responsibility, therefore, to choose the right typeface. But how do you find the right typeface among the infinite universe of possible choices? The Yearbook of Type 2021/22 can be your guide—giving you an overview of 192 recently published typefaces from around the world.

Each typeface and type family is presented on a double-page spread in this volume. On the left side, a specimen gives an idea of possible applications and shows the beauty and character of each typeface. The right side provides background information and details about the typeface and its features.

This year's yearbook theme is music. Just as music conveys emotions through melodies and lyrics, typography finds expression through its form and contrast.

A series of essays offer background information about typography, history, technical details, and how-to guides, and covers the latest trends in contemporary type design. An index organizes the typefaces by classification—designers, foundries, and OpenType features—for easy browsing and discovery. And an online microsite presents all featured fonts, allowing users to test and purchase their favorites.

The 2021/2022 yearbook includes the work of 201 type designgers and 105 foundries from 33 countries.

With an introduction by Veronika Burian. Includes essays and tutorials by Murat Çil, Matthieu Cortat, and Eva Kubinyi

Published by Slanted Publishers, 2021

Board cover, 464 pages, 15 HKS spot colors, 6.25 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-3-94-844024-4

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