(Un)Popular Mysticism on the Internet


By Ashley D'Arcy

What do dildos, Big Tech, and psychic prediction have in common?

In (Un)Popular Mysticism on the Internet, technology writer/poet Ashley D’Arcy traces the post-internet resurgence of mystical practices such as cartomancy, astrology, and crystal healing.

Alongside an examination of synchronistic events online, D’Arcy offers a way to understand our digital selves through these phenomena and warns of the consequences that arise when technologists start to co-opt this language of mysticism.

This publication is based on notes for a lecture of the same title given at Theorizing the Web on April 28, 2018, in Queens, New York.

Designed by Luiza Dale

Published by Platform Editions, 2018
Printed in a limited edition of 200 copies

32 pages, pink coil binding, 2-color Risograph, 8.5 × 11 inches