Unlearning Exercises


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Art Organizations as Sites for Unlearning

Learning is the accumulation of knowledge, skills, and behavior; it is often progress-oriented and institutionally driven.

In contrast, unlearning is directed toward embodied forms of knowledge and the unconscious operation of ways of thinking and doing, in order to actively, critically investigate normative structures and practices.

Assembled by the authors of the Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook, this book is an account of the process of unlearning, taking art institutions as potential sites for unlearning.

The publication shares a set of “unlearning exercises” as propositions to be adopted within other institutional contexts, ranging from daily practices like “Cleaning Together” to more difficult negotiations around issues of collective authorship and a fair wage.

The exercises are accompanied by personal accounts, essays, and collective conversations, comprising a multi-faceted critique of institutionalized habits and an attempt to put processes of unlearning into practice.

Edited by Binna Choi, Annette Krauss, and Yolande van der Heide

Designed by Rosie Eveleigh

Published by Valiz/Casco, 2019

ISBN: 978-9-49-209553-4

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