Typographic Systems


Typographic organization has always been a complex system in that there are so many elements at play, such as hierarchy, order of reading, legibility, and contrast.

In Typographic Systems, Kim Elam, author of Geometry of Design and Grid Systems, explores eight major structural frameworks beyond the grid--including random, radial, modular, and bilateral systems.

By taking the reader through exercises, student work, and professional examples, Elam offers a broad range of design solutions.

Once essential visual organization systems are understood the designer can fluidly organize words or images within a structure, combination of structures, or a variation of a structure. With clarity and substance, each system—from the structured axis to the non-hierarchical radial array—is explained and explored so that the reader comes away with a better understanding of these intricate complex arrangements.

Designed by Kimberly Elam

Published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2007

Softcover, 160 pages, 55 color and 400 b&w images, 7 × 8.5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-56-898687-6

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