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Typograph.Journal Vol. 03


Volume 03 of this Australian typographic journal profiles the exemplary work of the type industry, building upon the manifesto of passionate practice and continued learning established in earlier editions of the journal.

Key sections explore: visual metrics; the common optical illusions at play in typography; modular approaches to type construction; typographic contrast and stress; and the tension between the rational (maths) and intuition (magic) in design. This issue also includes a profile on experimental and expressive letterforms, as well as a number of featured fonts and foundries.

With articles by Veronica Grow and David Jonathan Ross; and features on Vince Frost, Kris Sowersby, David Wolske, Lyn Tran, Carla Hackett, Maarten van ‘t Wout, Aurelie Maron, Leona Fietz, and Manolo Frausto.

Written by designers for designers, the texts in each issue of Typograph.Journal consist of conversational, experimental, self-generated, personal expressions about design theory, practice and process.

Published by Nicole Arnett Phillips, 2015
Printed in a hand-numbered edition of 1000

168 pages, 2 color (black and Pantone 172U), 5 × 7 inches

ISSN 2203-5966