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A publication developed and designed by CalArts graphic design students.

This issue, the fourth in the CalArts PUB series, focuses on design tropes: plants as props, occult symbols, manicules, gradients, glitches, and much more. Each individual trope is examined in an essay, while the publication as a whole acts as a critical lens, and a visual furthering of, the contemporary zeitgeist. Includes visual research, an interview with Norman Klein, and a series of “metatropes.”

Tropes is a product of two courses at CalArts. The first, led by Anther Kiley, developed a series of research, writing, and design projects with BFA and MFA students, developing a core architecture for the publication. This content was handed off to a smaller groups of students the following term, who worked with Michael Worthington to shape the material into book form.

Includes Kiley's project brief (with assignments) and introduction.

Articles by Mina Shoaib, Caroline Renzelman, Jaejin Ee and Sohee Kim, Jessica Lee, Jimin Kim, Kate Ludwig, Margaret Andersen, Miyu Shirotsuka, Monique Wilmoth, Nadia Korepanova, and Tina Hung. Interview of Norman Klein by Aamina Ganser.

Designed by Margaret Andersen, Nadia Korepanova, Jessica Lee, Jimin Kim, Caroline Renzelman, Mina Shoaib, and Monique Wilmoth

Published by CalArts Graphic Design
First edition, 2016

96 pages, full-color offset, 6.25 × 9 inches