To Note: Notation Across Disciplines


In December 2015 notation became the focal point of a workshop presented at RMIT Design Hub in Melbourne, entitled ‘To Note: Notation Across Disciplines.’ It involved 25 practitioners working in and across the disciplines of sound, dance, visual art, and architecture/design. Their lectures, reprinted here in essay form, consider the wider significance, influence, and role of notation across creative fields. Part reference, part exercise manual, this book, edited by Hannah Mathews, is a collection of material that both informs and challenges our understanding of notation and how it exists both historically and currently within and across various fields and disciplines.

With contributions from Deanne Butterworth, Lane Cormick, Georgina Criddle, Richie Cyngler, Matthew Day, Eliza Dyball, Benjamin Forster, Dr. Sally Gardner, Nathan Gray, Helen Grogan, Aurelia Guo, Melanie Irwin, Rebecca Jensen, Shelley Lasica, Michelle Mantsio, Phip Murray, Geoff Robinson, Jan van Schaik, Brooke Stamp, Lilian Steiner, Studio Apparatus, Studio Osk, Colby Vexler, Phoebe Whitman, and Benjamin Woods

Designed by Žiga Testen & Stuart Geddes

Published by Perimeter Editions
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies

Softcover, 362 pages, b&w images, 4.3 × 7.1 inches

ISBN: 978-0-9953586-1-4