This Embodiment / Hanne Lippard


Following her previous publication with Berlin's Broken Dimanche Press in 2013, Nuances of No, Berlin-based artist Hanne Lippard (b. 1984) has curated a visual-poetic rendering of her language and voice-based performance works. Lippard uses her past experience as a graphic designer to deconstruct her stories into physical patterns and sonic word plays suggestive of concrete poetry in This Embodiment. Over the past years, Lippard has focused on the production of language solely through the usage of her hypnotic and soothing voice as a way to convey the discrepancy between content and form. Performative readings and audio installations use repetition and differentiation, consonance and variation to evoke phrases and images associated with contemporary topics such as work, success, and lifestyle. Includes Lippard’s recent work, ß, exhibited at the KW Institute, Berlin (2017). Recipient of the ars viva prize 2016, Germany, Lippard has performed throughout Europe and the UK.

Designed by Hanne Lippard

Published by Broken Dimanche Press

Softcover, 98 pages, black and white, 8.25 × 11.75 inches

ISBN: 978-3-943196-58-0