• The Swiss Art of Rock (Die Not hat ein Ende)

The Swiss Art of Rock (Die Not hat ein Ende)

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Album covers, concert posters, flyers, fanzines, comics and photographs by Swiss graphic designers, musicians and photographers from the past 50 years of rock and pop history make The Swiss Art of Rock an outstanding graphic design document and resource. 

Lurker Grand’s third and most recent book project in a trilogy published by Edition Patrick Frey, Die Not hat Ein Ende (Need Comes to an End) is packed with images and interwoven with texts on both musical and graphic design history. The focus is on the visualization of music subcultures rather than on specific musical eras or protagonists. In addition to a rich visual history of music during the last half century, this book also explores the history of the music itself. Music journalist, collector and curator Samuel Mumenthaler, co-author of this book, offers a detailed chronology of the development of rock music in Switzerland. Roland Fischbacher, Director of the Visual Communications Program at the Bern School for the Arts, and Robert Lzicar, design researcher and designer, discuss the roots of Swiss rock graphics. Additional essays cover international influences, montage and image construction, sampling, remix, and craft.

An extensive artist index includes works by contemporary greats from H. R. Geiger and Peter Fischli to R. Crumb and Roy Lichtenstein, plus an index of bands from Aerosmith to Frank Zappa.

This is a pioneering work that no one in Switzerland has undertaken to date, making for a fascinating and comprehensive study of the aesthetics of an artistic avant-garde.

Edited by Lurker Grand

Designed by UFO (Ivan Becerro, Samuel Linder, Joshua Schenkel)

Published by Edition Patrick Frey, 2015

In English and German

Softcover, 500 pages, full color, 8.75 × 13 inches

ISBN: 978-3-905929-77-5

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