The Jaunt Book


Combining the two best things in life: Art and Travel

When traveling the world new friends are found, experiences made, and comfort zones challenged. The Jaunt sends artists all over the world and they return with new inspiration and experiences. Each artist keeps a travel journey and creates a unique artwork to visualize their trip.

This book features the first 10 artist trips—by Hedof (to Helsinki), Collin Van Der Sluijs (to Porto), Sasa Ostoja (to Riga), Amanda Marie (to Glasgow), Miss Lotion (to Marrakech), Erosie (to Stockholm), Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk (to Los Angeles), David Shillinglaw (to Sjællands Odde), Mike Perry (to Antwerp), and Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman (to Istanbul).

Each artist's section includes stories, drawings, snapshots and keepsakes made and collected by the artist on their trip, along with an exclusive interview and insights into their creative process.

Published by The Jaunt and YOUR:OWN

200 pages, full color, 6.75 x 9.5 in.

ISBN 9789082315707