The Combahee River Statement Zine


By Zoë Pulley

This zine contains the complete annotated text of the 1977 Combahee River Collective Statement, a key document in the history of contemporary Black feminism.

Credited with the first usage of the phrase "identity politics," the Boston-based Combahee River Collective, a Black feminist lesbian socialist organization, connected themselves to the activist tradition of Black women in the 19th century as well as the struggles of Black liberation in the 1960s in this important document.

Newly typeset and printed by graphic designer Zoë Pulley, this 2021 edition of the Statement, distributed as part of the Boston Center for the Arts's curatorial project "Combahee's Radical Call: Black Feminisms (re)Awaken Boston," highlights and visually re-frames the text of the 1977 document, ensuring that the radical call and visionary ideas of the statement's co-authors—who include Demita Frazier and sisters Barbara and Beverly Smith—can continue to circulate and inspire.

The printed zine unfolds into a poster with key call-out quotes from the original powerful text.

Printed in 2021

2-color offset, 15 x 23 inches (unfolded)
Ships folded 7.5 × 11.5 inches

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