Take Shape, No. 2 — Commute

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Take Shape is a publication driving the streets of architectural, legal, and political thinking.

This second issue looks at the subjective and daily experience of transportation—the commute.

At a time when most cities’ public transportation systems are barely scraping by, billionaires are whimsically proposing hyperloops and space travel.

Take Shape, No. 2 looks at this disconnect, and the ways in which transportation can be improved, outside of the model of entrepreneurial investment, through community-driven planning and increased state funding.

This issue includes a collaborative community redesign of a Los Angeles train station by LA-Más; a dialogue between Kafka and airport security by : (colon); a proposal to reinvest in a national rail system by Danya Sherman; and a photographic archive of entrances to New York subway stations by Robert Prochaska.

It features a golf cart ride through Kraków’s tourism industry by Eliza Levinson, a reconsideration of Gunnar Birkerts’ 1970s research in Detroit by Michael Abrahamson, a history of Poland’s state-funded hitchhiking system by Vanessa Kowalski, a criticism of the WeWork and WeLive empires by Patrick McAndrews, a reading list of independent publications on power and movement by Corinne Butta for Wendy’s Subway, and a reflection on Shipped Ships, a temporary ferry service and artwork by Turkish artist Ayşe Erkmen by Carlos Kong.

Three short essays look at how design serves the interests of the wealthy on the move. Luiza Dale reflects on the fetish of design manual reprints, especially the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual. Kyle Chayka revisits his concept of “Airspace” and how it relies on globalized systems of travel. Jesse Barron challenges the whims of Jeff Bezos and his fool’s errand in outer space.

Finally, the publication highlights conversations with Chicago-based bicycle and anti-gentrification activist Lynda Lopez and with researcher Alex Karner on the economic and racial history of Atlanta’s public transportation systems.

Edited by Nolan Boomer, Cole Cataneo, and Julia Goodman

Designed and illustrated by Sean Suchara
Secondary cover illustration by Rose Wong

Published by Take Shape, 2018

Softcover, 104 pages, Risograph duotone, 8 × 10 inches

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