Sociotype Journal Issue #1, The Gesture


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Sociotype Journal is a new platform for thoughts on culture and society, that also happens to be a type specimen, from London-based digital type foundry, Sociotype, and design studio, Socio. Issue #1 is typeset in Sociotype's serif super family, Gestura. Appropriately enough, the theme of the volume is “The Gesture.”

When words fail, our hands do the talking. Join us as we investigate raised fists, flicked Vs and power grips, VR mitts and cable knits with NASA, secret signs of the illuminati, street gangs and flight attendants, sign language poetry, greasy fingers, strap hangers, and discover the meaning of the word “thist.”

Issue #1 features ten essays, seven image-led articles, and a twenty-eight page technical type specimen. Contributors include Emily Watkins, Sammy Gale, Siham Ali, Nic Carter, Alicia Mundy, Meggan Gould, Hannah La Follette Ryan, Brendan Smith, and Hatty Staniforth.

Edited by Nic Carter and Henrietta Thompson

Creative direction by Nic Carter and Nigel Bates

Designed by Alicia Mundy

Published by Sociotype, 2021
Winner of The Type Director's Club's TDC68 “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” in the category of Editorial in 2022

Softcover, 224 pages, offset printed with 8 page foil embossed cover, 8.25 × 10.75 inches

ISSN: 2754-7698

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