Obituary / Shahryar Nashat


The subject of this book is a prop — a dodecahedron, a symbol of cosmic matter — painted the color green of cinematic trickery and special effects. It edged itself into Swiss artist Shahryar Nashat's (b. 1975) work in 2011, first appearing in Factor Green, an installation at the Venice Biennale. A year later, the prop became known as La Shape, garnering critical acclaim for its sardonic personification of an unscrupulous impresario in two videos by Nashat.

In Obituary, Nashat and LA-based curator-writer Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer reflect upon its brief but meaningful life after its mysterious death this year at the height of its career. Accompanied by archival images and a series of portraits by Nashat, Obituary is a gripping read on this mysterious icon and the roles it played, as well as a timely consideration of the roles played, and agency expressed, by a highly mediated art object.

Exhibited and collected internationally, Nashat's work involves his interest in art collections, art libraries, reproduction of works of art, appropriation and display issues and apparatus.

Design by Aude Lehmann

Published by Sternberg Press, 2016

128 pages, color illustrations, 5.5 × 9.5 inches

ISBN: 978-3-95679-099-7