Separated — Separados


A catalog of visual responses to the situation of migrant children being separated from their families and detained in concentration camps at the Southern U.S. border.

Contributing graphic designers and artists: Bráulio Amado, Laura Berglund, Chris Bruffee, Erik Carter, Dark Igloo/Jake Longoria, Lorenzo Fanton, Laura Coombs, Dora Godfrey, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Raoul Gottschling, Yotam Hadar, Jerome Harris, Shira Inbar, Chantal Jahchan, Jonathan Katav, Mika Khandpur, Nicole Killian, Joyce Kim, Kellie Konapelsky, Raphaelle Macaron, Leanna Perry, Tala Safié, June Shin, Sally Thurer, Rich Tu, Richard Turley, Benjamin Tuttle, Gina Moreno Valle, Kelly Walters, Daniel Zender, Zipeng Zhu

Profits from the sale of SEPARATED are donated by the publisher to support and benefit detained migrant children in the U.S.

Un catálogo compuesto de respuestas visuales en reacción a la detención de niños migrantes en la frontera sur de los EE. UU.

Todas las ganancias resultando de la venta de SEPARADOS se donarán para apoyar y beneficiar a niños migrantes que han sido detenidos en los EE. UU.

With text by Draguna Kaurin, the founder of Localization Lab and a human rights researcher; translations by Laura Bach-y-Rita

Edited by Anna Meixler

Designed and published by Shira Inbar, 2019

Printed by Linco Printing, Long Island City, New York