San Francisco(s) / Gabe Ferreira

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Brazilian multidisciplinary designer Gabe Ferreira documented the first three months of his life in San Francisco in a series of thirty-one black and white posters created in May 2017. The works reflect his experience of the city and his attempt to celebrate its beauty, reference its history and geography, and comment on the current state of affairs. This collectible set of five posters, each 9 × 12 inches, is drawn from the original thirty one works Ferreira produced—each is captioned with a date and a phrase or word that served as a prompt. The series serves as a visual diary and also traces Ferreira's experiments with form, type, and the mini-poster format.

Published by Gabe Ferreira, 2017 

5 posters, black and white, each 9 × 12 inches
Sleeved in a plastic envelope, with a collectible surprise magnet, 9.5 × 12.2 inches