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Raw Specimen


“I look at the new rock ‘n rollers... it’s a shame what they did to it, and I hope that rap don’t go that same route – where they take the rawness away... just then make it too pretty! I don’t think rock ‘n roll was meant to be pretty. Rock ‘n roll was meant to be bad.”
—Schoolly-D (1986)

Specimen for Raw, the first typeface designed by Zurich-based typographer Philipp Hermann. While studying in Lisbon in 2006, Hermann drew inspiration from vintage Portugal car registration plates. With distinctive shapes and using different materials, the plates used a variety of similar but not identical typefaces designed by engineers. In 2016, Hermann returned to the typeface for an artist publication of Vittoria Santoro and was reminded of Raw's power and potential. The printed typeface specimen is a colorful tribute to Raw's origins, juxtaposing race cars with striking sans serif letterforms, and highlighting the typeface's offer of a complete central European character set.

Designed by Philipp Herrmann

Published by Out of the Dark
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies

24 pages, staple binding, full color (CMYK), 5.45 × 8.12 inches