By Ciara Cordasco

In mid-March 2020, designer Ciara Cordasco found herself staying in Florida at her parent's house for a month and a half as the COVID-19 pandemic struck New York City.

Quarantining in a back bedroom with bright orange walls, Cordasco initiated a practice to counter the non-stop firehose of pandemic-related news. Reporting first on goings-on in the back bedroom, and then expanding the project's scope to include the entire house, Cordasco designed a one-page bulletin that she published nightly to Instagram.

With guest columnists, banal observations, dad jokes, and choice words from Bagel the cat, Quarantimes collects together all 31 issues of this humble bedroom project, conceived in the midst of a most surreal period of recent history.

Laugh, cry, and relive your own moments of quarantining in 2020 with this multi-color Risograph publication.

Published by Ciara Cordasco, 2020
Printed by LoPress Press / Elaine Lopez in June 2020

Spiral-bound, 31 pages, Risograph, 6.25 × 11 inches


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