• Posterzine Issue 15, Two Points

Posterzine Issue 15, Two Points

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Posterzine™️ is a monthly mini-magazine in poster form

The fifteenth issue of Posterzine features Two Points, a tight-knit creative studio founded in 2007, currently based in Hamburg, Berlin and Barcelona. Directed by husband and wife duo Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz—two talented graphic designers with multicultural educations and extensive experience—the pair partner with a network of interior designers, graphic designers, illustrators, musicians, photographers, and software developers for projects big and small.

TwoPoints have an impressive portfolio filled with beautiful illustrations, conceptual web and editorial designs and even a few interior design projects. In this issue Kate Hollowood explores their creative process and their valuable contributions to the design industry.

Designed by Tom Sutcliffe
Edited by Marcroy Smith
Interview by Kate Hollowood

Published by People of Print in partnership with Pressision Ltd. and G.F. Smith Papers

1 poster, double-sided, 2 spot Pantone colors: Pink 806U and Yellow 7045U; (folded) 8.31 × 11.75 inches; (unfolded) 23.4 × 33 inches

ISSN: 2059-7452

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