• Palette 08 - Iridescent: Holographics in Design

Palette 08 - Iridescent: Holographics in Design

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Light has fascinated human beings since the dawn of mankind.

To that end, iridescence (the lustrous rainbow-like play of color caused by refracted light waves) is a compelling means to ideate and create, due to its ability to produce captivating multi-colored illusions that shift with the viewer’s vantage point. Its kaleidoscopic nature also allows it to be subtle yet striking all at once, making it a versatile finish with lasting visual impact.

PALETTE 08: Iridescent explores the power and possibilities of both a color and a palette existing in a single form through more than 100 creative projects from all around the world.

Whether they are applied to create depth and dimension or used to transform physical attributes and perspectives, discover how artists and designers today are experimenting with holographic hues to generate new work and realms that intrigue and inspire.

Concept and art direction by Victor Cheung
Designed by viction:workshop, ltd.

Published by Victionary, 2018

Softcover with jacket, 256 pages, full color, 7.3 × 9.8 inches

ISBN:  978-9-88-777472-3

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