P_Pal: Issue 1, 2019-2020


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This new annual publication from art book in China focuses on Chinese art publishing  and the artist book publishing panorama of Greater China.

After looking back at the history of self-publishing and artist book practices in China, the project salvages early Chinese art publications from the ocean of the Internet. The result is a project that revels in a history suffused with freedom and romance, a history that also touches on China's vibrant independent music scene.

In this first issue of P_PAL, the professional role and publishing process involved in art book publishing serves as the central narrative of the magazine. The issue includes guides on the production, distribution and printing of books (with special attention paid to the Risograph, screen printing, and other art printing methods) along with a historical overview of Chinese art publishing.

Published by DREAMER FTY, 2020
Second edition, limited print run of 500 copies

Bilingual, in Chinese and English

2 volumes: swan bound with coil binding, 200 pages + 64 pages, full color offset, 7.25 × 9.5 inches

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