P / Parker Ito


A book of work by contemporary artist Parker Ito.

The book contains an essay (in Japanese) detailing the source material of the dense symbolism contained in the oversized painting P, one of a series of works made by Parker between 2014 and 2018, each based on the master engravings of Albrecht Dürer.

Within the book, the poorly translated text becomes pure surface effect (much like the shoddily translated Asian tattoos inked on the skin of those unable to read them, a key reference for Ito) as it is overlaid with working drawings from various stages of the production of the paintings, including those made by Parker and those drawn by his studio team.

Three sections are reproduced in CMYK color: a portfolio of drawings of paintings; documentation photography of the first, full-color rendering of P at Team Gallery in New York in 2017; and multi-layered reproductions (partly printed on clear acetate) of the digital master files for P and the other 3 paintings in the masterworks series.

The book also contains a series of commissioned works from eight other artists invited to reinterpret a recurring but morphing semi-self-portrait of Parker and a speculative text on the life and times of Dürer by Dean Kissick.

With contributions from Dean Kissick, Jonathan Chandler, Jonny Negron, Leon Sadler, Maren Karlson, Marijpol, Patrick Crotty, Ram Han & Last Renaissance.

“Chaotic, colorful, and absurdly creative, it’s the kind of book that makes your eyes bleed and your head hurt in the best way possible.” —It's Nice That, 2018

Designed by Hugh Frost

Published by Landfill Editions, 2018
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies

Softcover, violet spiral binding, 7 color offset (3x Pantone + CMYK), 80 pages

ISBN: 978-1-64-440739-4