The NASA Graphics Standards Manual


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Graphics Standards Manual, by Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn, is a futuristic vision for an agency at the cutting edge of science and exploration. Housed in a special anti-static package, the book features a foreword by Richard Danne, an essay by Christopher Bonanos, scans of the original manual (from Danne’s personal copy), reproductions of the original NASA 35mm slide presentation, and scans of the Managers Guide, a follow-up booklet distributed by NASA.

Designed by Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn (Danne & Blackburn), 1975

Published by Standards Manual, 2015

Hardcover, 220 pages, 129 color plates, 9.5 × 11.5 inches

ISBN: 978-0-692-58653-2