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Munken, Design, Test, Print, Kristal, Polar, Pure (Doosung Paper DxD Project)


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DD Project is a collaborative program between Doosung Paper and designers. For each project, Doosung Paper invites a designer to express inspirations from the paper suggested by Doosung Paper. 

This is the first project from the program.

Sulki and Min were inspired by a remark from a long-past graphic design competition that argued that designer's own portfolios, printer's calendars, or paper specimens, should not be allowed entry. The reason? They are just about means, not ends, of graphic design. The argument continued: a project that does not have any “real” problem but to show off its own excellence as a means of communication should not be encouraged by a professional competition. Means and ends should not be confused.

Confusing means and ends is the heart of this work. Munken, Design, Test, Print, Kristal, Polar, Pure has been made to show the quality of a particular brand of paper: Munken Design. The only “content” of the book is the printing quality test patterns. The patterns, however, have been disassembled and reassembled to an image that seems to say something for itself. Not just a means — although still a means — but content in its own right. Instead of denying its own nature and trying to be something else, this book chooses to transform itself by over-fulfilling its own purpose. And it probably won't be entering any competitions.

Designed by Sulki and Min

Published by Doosung Paper, 2017

Softcover, 48 pages, sewn binding, offset, 8.25 × 11.6 inches