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Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari (1907-1998) is widely considered one of the great graphic designers of the twentieth century; Picasso called him “the Leonardo of our time.” Munari considered the book the best medium to communicate his visual ideas, showcase his art, and convey his creative spirit. Primarily produced in large quantities for the general public, his 60+ publications—which ranged from design manuals to children's books—display the beauty and technical ingenuity of works of art.

This volume traces Munari's seventy-year publishing legacy, from his pioneering work as a graphic designer to later collaborations with major publishing firms, highlighting experimental visual projects as well as artist books, and considering them alongside Munari's contributions to the fields of painting, sculpture, design, photography and education. Includes a survey of Munari's work that explores the different dimensions of Munari’s multi-faceted career and a bibliography of critical works.

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Softcover, 288 pages, 6.7 × 9.5 inches