Mr. Rouse Builds His House


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A tiny book that tells the story of Mr. Rouse, a man who has decided to build himself a house. Inevitably, the process is much longer and more detailed than Mr. Rouse could ever have envisioned. This quirky tale, originally published in 1950, takes readers through the process of choosing building types and making all kinds of decisions. With a blend of absurd poetry and pragmatism, Mr. Rouse contends with building materials, transportation, lighting, and plumbing, 

Stefan and Franciszka Themerson were Polish avant-garde artists and filmmakers who in the 1940s fled to London, where they worked on a huge range of creative projects. In 1948, they founded the influential Gaberbocchus Press, publishers of Kurt Schwitters, Jankel Adler, and Alfred Jarry, among others.

By Stefan Themerson and Barbara Wright, with drawings by Franciszka Themerson

Published by Tate Publishing, 2013

Hardcover, 148 pages, black & white, 4.2 × 4.4 inches

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