Matthew Carter’s Top Ten


By Matthew Carter

In 2014, Matthew Carter was invited by Artforum to write about his ten favorite things. It was a fine and interesting article, but K. Small Gallery identified two problems: First, the article was mostly unillustrated, and, second, graphic designers tend not to read art magazines.

So in 2019, the Somerville, MA-based bookshop and gallery space K. Small Gallery mounted an exhibition and produced this catalogue to right these wrongs. The publication reprints the original column and allows readers to see the things described (minus one).

With just nine of his ten favorite things, we can begin to understand what makes Matthew Carter not just a well-­rounded designer, but a well-rounded person. 

Design and typography by Kat Ran Press

Published by Katherine Small Gallery, 2020

Softcover, 24 pages, full color, 5.875 × 8.25 inches

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