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Lying Freely / Ruth Buchanan


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A narrative written as a kind of instructive manual for it's subject, Lying Freely juxtaposes experimental writing with diagrammatic design and photography to construct an artist book that examines the nature of one's experience as a body in time and one's subjective relationship to objects or objective circumstances. Through various modes of formal representations of movement, bodies, objects, space and time, Buchanan shapes a performative investigation into the configuration of our world. The book becomes an experiment in sharing material, sharing space; absorbing and reflecting its own conditions and the conditions under which it becomes public.

Ruth Buchanan is a New Zealand artist living and working in Berlin, Germany.

Designed by David Bennewith and Ruth Buchanan

Published by Casco Projects, 2010
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies

Softcover, 63 pages, full color, 6 × 9 inches

ISBN: 978-90-72076-41-0