Library Paper, Issue 07 — Romance


Library Paper is an up-to-date representation of varied design and art practices from around the world giving readers an insight into the artists process.

Issue 07 - Romance includes contributions from Alex Gardner, Ben Clark, Bureau Collective, Braulio Amado, Brian Kanagaki, Catalogue, Charlie Kwei, Coley Brown, Craig Boagey, Dad Jokes, Daily Dialogue, Damien Correll, Dr. Me, Eike König, Ellie Andrews & Stefy Pocket, Hardworking Goodlooking, Hayley Louisa Brown, Ines Cox, Jack Kimberly, Jan Horčík, Kristofferson San Pablo, Louis Reith, Lucas Dillon, More More Now, Nate Walton, Nick Sethi, Noah Venezia, Our Place Studio, Paul Gacon, Paul Phung, Phil Armson, Stefan Marx, Steve Hockett, Simon Whybray, Subject Studio, Teddy Fitzhugh, Teddy Guerrero, Thomas Pregiato, Yimmy Yayo.

Includes a two color enamel pin designed by Number 04.

Design and concept by Catalogue

Published by Catalogue Library, 2016

60 pages, full color, 8 × 11 inches