The proper tying of a knot can be the difference between an attractive knot and a messy one or, occasionally, between life and death.

This colorful introduction to the most essential knots—an illustrated guide that celebrates knot-making as both an art and a practical measure—is itself a finely produced example of craft. Knots have long been a subject of interest for their ancient origins as well as their common uses, and this work revels in the diagrams and terminology—from the Surgeon's Loop Knot to the Square Lashing, from the Water Knot to the Barrel Hitch. 

Originally released at Unlimited Edition 9, the 2017 Seoul Art Book in Korea

Illustrated and designed by Haeri Chung

Published by SUPERSALADSTUFF, 2017
Printed in a limited edition of 50 copies

20 pages, folded leaves, 3-color Risograph, 7.75 × 11 inches