Klee Mutations


Generative Mistranslation as Pedagogical Design Strategy

A synopsis? Tapping the subconscious: post-digital automatism, new knowledge & the fear of a superficial history.

The present day conglomerate-arms of A.I. mutate Paul Klee’s notorious Pädagogisches Skizzenbuch [Pedagogical Sketchbook, 1968] with tactical wrassling of faulty OCR and problematic binary-translations; an André Massonesque approach to post-digital bookmaking, with a performative (and post-knowledge) mapping of German economics; the birth of sociology, and the six degrees of separation within avant-garde circles of the 20th century.

Edited by Duncan Blachford
Designed and typeset by Duncan Blachford

Published by Tempo Haus, 2018

Softcover, 210 pages, b&w images, 4.25 × 6.87 inches

ISBN: 978-0-6480466-3-9

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