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Just... / Erik Benjamins


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Initially published in conjunction with the artwork …Just arrived, a traveler bounds without direction, filled with inextinguishable drive and awe, until feet weigh heavy and head and stomach spin for they can't remember the last time they slept, or ate for that matter, and now flung back, near stumbling with exhaustion, with hunger pangs screaming for acknowledgement, the traveler, now lost, finds themselves surrounded by, assaulted by, teased by the discomfort food, and so they must decide to taste, participate, and venture, or anxiously search on for the edible familiar, a 2012 installation that explored the unresolved narrative of a hungry, tired and lost traveler encountering “discomfort food.” This experimental publication contains scholarly text, recipes, travel anecdotes, food histories, and collaboratively redesigned projects.

Designed by Benjamin Critton Art Dept.

Published by Erik Benjamins
Second edition, 2012

206 pages, 1-color, 5.75 x 8.25 in.