Inverted Commas - Postcards on Books

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A set of sixteen postcards containing quotes on books, paper, and the print world.

The pithy, humorous, and poignant quotes are selected from a wide range of famous and lesser-known international sources. Printed in letterpress on embossed design paper, the postcards feature a digitally reproduced 17th-century font. The booklet format allows for both a compact overview as well as easy removal. The postcards speak to the hearts of bibliophiles: they are suitable as quotes to hang on the wall, to post with a memorable note along with a gift of a book, or simply to keep on a shelf and read for inspiration.

Designed by Esther Krop

Published by Alauda Publications, 2016

36 pages, one color, 4.25 × 5.8 inches

ISBN: 978-90-823966-0-7

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