In The Flesh Of Sensibility / Tiina Nevanpera


A book discussing the experience of incompleteness and the process of artistic making. It suggests a new way of researching experience, and aims to show that there is a relationship between the experience of incompleteness and creativity.

Building on artistic research, participatory philosophy, and research of experience, Nevanperä's dissertation elaborates on and deepens understanding of both the experience of incompleteness and the faculty of sensibility.

Tiina Nevanperä has a multidisciplinary background in fine arts: painting, visual culture, aesthetics and art theory. Before her visual arts career she devoted her time to formal styles of dance and law. She has a Master's degree in Visual Culture and Aesthetics and Art Theory as well as in Law. She shares an interest in theory and practice alike and aims to arrive at an innovative development of both.

Designed by Safa Hovenin (Merkitys)

Published by Aalto University

Softcover, 318 pages, black and white, 7 × 9.3 inches

ISBN: 978-952-60-7255-5

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