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In Media Res / Drew Sisk


“We are inundated by a constant feed of media that responds and adapts in real time to the impulses of our psyches and the dimensions of our devices. Beneath the surface, this stream of information is directed by hidden, automated controls and steered by hidden agendas. 

The transmission of information has evolved into a spiral of entropy, and the boundaries between author, content, platform, and receiver have blurred. This reductive space of responsive media is a catalyst for immense political and cultural change, causing us to question notions of authority, truth, and reality.”

In Media Res probes this theme of contemporary life, compiling written and visual research conducted as part of American graphic designer Drew Sisk's 2018 MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Weaving through a series of visual investigations is a narrative that links advances in technology and user interface design to recent immense political shifts, from the Arab Spring to Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Bots and algorithms mix content from across the political spectrum, spitting out absurd combinations of text and imagery, a commentary on the current political climate.

Designed and published by Drew Sisk, 2018

Softcover, 200 pages, full color, 6 × 9 inches

ISBN: 978-1-38-837634-5