IDEA #392 – Type Design Now: Experimental Type Designers and Type Foundries


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Issue #392 of IDEA is a powerhouse of typography and contemporary graphic design featuring a star-studded cast of characters including Future Fonts, Radim Peško, Sulki & Min, nipponia, Ikki Kobayashi, Tetsuya Goto of Out of Office, Toshi Omagari of Tabular Type Foundry, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey of Dexter Sinister, Linda van Deursen, Briefcase Type Foundry, and many others.

IDEA is Japan's leading graphic design magazine. Each issue offers insight into international and Japanese designers and their work through historical analysis, criticism, and examples of projects. In print since 1953, IDEA is a critical forum for design criticism in Asia. 

Designed by Kazuhiro Yamada (nipponia), Radim Peško, LABORATORIES (Kensaku Kato, Hiroyuki Kishida)

Published by Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd., 2020

Bilingual, in Japanese and English

Softcover, 184 pages, 8.9 × 11.75 inches

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