Handwritten Character Templates


This book reproduces and rearranges the entire archive of practical ornamental characters collected and edited by Masahiro Anezaki in his Practical Ornamental Characters and Designs in 1926.

At the outset of the 20th century, long before typesetting and words like typography and lettering became established in Japan, designers in the commercial art field carefully drew characters by hand, one at a time, directly onto a variety of media—on bills, flyers, signboards, posters, and more.

Unlike what is seen in modern typography today, these handwritten characters contain a wealth of creativity and dynamism, reflective of the unconventional spirit of the time.

Published by Seigensha, 2017
In Japanese

Softcover, 260 pages, color and b&w image, 4.3 × 5.9 inches

ISBN: 978-4-86-152636-7

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